Dr. Esther Peters

Associate Professor, George Mason University

Associate Professor, George Mason University

Dr. Peters’ expertise includes marine biology, coral reef ecology, aquatic toxicology, comparative histopathology, and quality assurance. Following postdoctoral research at the Smithsonian Institution on coral taxonomy and invertebrate diseases, she worked at Tetra Tech, Inc., an environmental consulting company. She began teaching at GMU as an adjunct in 1999, and joined the full-time faculty in 2008. She is teaching courses in histology and histotechniques at the undergraduate and graduate level, and developed a 2-semester course sequence to present basic biology and chemistry to non-biology graduate students in the environmental science and policy program. She has also taught courses on diseases of organisms and provides training in the histology and histopathology of corals.

Dr. Peters collaborates with Drs. Robert Jonas and Patrick Gillevet on understanding the molecular and microbiological aspects of disease processes through the study of cell and tissue alterations as a bridge to understanding population, community, and ecosystem consequences. She works with graduate students on diverse pathobiology research topics and manages the Histology Laboratory, training undergraduate and graduate students in the use of histological tools for their ecological and biomedical research.

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