Faculty Advisor

Erica McKenzie was originally attracted to environmental engineering to better understand human-impacted natural environments, and she is currently an associate professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  She completed an environmental engineering doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) at University of California at Davis, where she researched the water quality implication of runoff from highways, urban areas, and agricultural fields (think of the water that collects in the street or flows over a lawn when it rains). Additionally, while at UC Davis, Erica was involved in Engineers Without Borders and participated in projects to improve drinking water and sanitation for rural Ugandans; she was able to travel to Uganda twice. In her current position in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Temple University, Erica teaches classes and conducts research on water quality, particularly looking at pollutant movement through the environment or engineered treatment systems. When she’s not working, Erica enjoys outdoors activities, and particularly enjoys riding bikes and running.