Lindsay Jacks

Professional Bird Keeper; Apprentice, Phoenix Wildlife Center

Professional Bird Keeper; Apprentice, Phoenix Wildlife Center

Lindsay Jacks has dedicated her career to birds- she earned a B.S. in Animal Behavior at Towson University and has been a professional bird keeper for 9 years. She has worked at the Bird House of Smithsonian’s National Zoo, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and currently is the Senior Aviculturist at the National Aquarium’s Australia Exhibit caring for birds and bats. Lindsay is also the Director of Lights Out Baltimore (LOB), a non-profit of the Baltimore Bird Club that strives to make Baltimore safe for migratory birds. LOB walks a 5 mile loop downtown during migration season every year to rescue injured birds and collect the dead ones that have fallen victim to light pollution and glass collisions. She has worked with Frogmouths to critically endangered Blue-billed Curassows to Grey headed Flying Foxes (her favorite). Lindsay is an apprentice at Phoenix Wildlife Center to become a Maryland licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She enjoys caring for the injured birds she finds on her LOB walks and releasing them back to the wild.


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