Youth Advisory Board

Natalie Northrup

Natalie Northrup is a senior at Honeoye Falls-Lima High School, and the environment and its protection is her passion. She enjoys laying in hammocks reading anything from Into the Wild to Freakonomics, and she is often found biking, hiking and skiing cross-country. She is on my school’s swim team and Nordic skiing team, and connections from those teams have helped her start an environmental education club at her high school called The Eco-Geeks. The club helps educate students K-5 and has implemented composting and recycling in their cafeterias. Natalie’s environmental interests include engineering with an energy technology focus, and policy. She has been working in this field as a board member of a local festival and through collaborating with the Mayor to design a curbside composting system. Natalie cannot wait to help make WYSE 2018 as fantastic as WYSE 2017!

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