Tali Porter is an 18 year old recent graduate from North Cobb Magnet School for International Studies in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Last year, she was a part of the WYSE Green Team and attended the Smithsonian School of Conservation for her field visit. Nearing the end of her junior year, Tali started her own environmental organization, “Pick-up, Plant, Replant”, that is aimed towards involving teens in the environmental crisis movement by speaking with legislators, volunteering at trash pick-ups, planting trees and other plants, as well as educating other kids on the environment. Tali was also a varsity pole vaulter for three years, and the only female varsity wrestler for two years. She plans to further her athletic and environmental career in college, where she will major in biology and ecology. Tali plays the cello, guitar, and piano, and loves all types of animals. Her favorite hobbies are taking care of her two fish tanks, reading, listening to political podcasts, gardening, and composing music.