Ralph Nader


Ralph Nader is an author, political activist, attorney, and consumer advocate who has worked for decades on consumer protection, environmental issues, and government reform. He focuses on empowering citizens to create a responsive government, and his activism has played an instrumental role in the passage of key environmental legislation such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, and Safe Drinking Water Act.

Nader has founded and been involved in a number of organizations aimed at improving corporate and government accountability, and he has written more than two dozen books throughout his career. His first book, Unsafe at Any Speed, criticized the auto industry’s production of unsafe vehicles and helped pass key auto safety laws in 1966. This launched his decades-long career of investigating government and corporations to push for greater accountability. In 2006, a documentary called An Unreasonable Man was made about his life’s work establishing watchdog organizations and influencing citizens to hold government accountable.

Currently, Nader co-hosts the “Ralph Nader Radio Hour” and speaks at colleges and universities across the nation about civil justice, environmental, and consumer issues.

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