Student Chatter

Look for Announcements

WYSE staff will post announcements, which will sit at the top of the chatter feed and will be next to a megaphone icon. Look for these announcements periodically. We will post more frequently as the Summit gets closer!

Ask a Question

Do you have a question for WYSE staff? Use the Question tab to ask us a question about the program! We will respond to questions on the Chatter feed, so you feel more prepared when you come to WYSE!


Do you want to connect with other Delegates? Post comments or questions you want other students to answer! This is your opportunity to learn more about your fellow Delegates and connect for travel, relieve first-day jitters, and help each other get excited for your trip!


Do you have a question for your fellow Delegates with multiple options? For example, do you want to know which flight to choose and have two options you are considering? Take a poll!

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