Junior Faculty Advisor

Christa Madison is a Christian Conservationist who grew up in small-town Roanoke, Virginia. She developed her love for nature from her time growing up surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is currently a senior and will hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from George Mason University pending her graduation in the spring of 2020. Christa is also perusing a minor in Tourism and Events Management, and a concentration in Conservation. She just completed a semester at the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation. Her professional interests involve photography and mending the relationship between humans and nature by community outreach and environmental education. Christa found her passion for the community and the environment through her faith and education.  Her faith leads her to believe humanity should be good stewards of the environment. Christa’s future ambitions are to continue to learn, grow, and advocate for the protection of the environment. She would like to explore careers in environmental education, the exotic animal trade, and environmental consulting in the private sector. She hopes for a future where humans interact peacefully with the environment and one another, it is her life goal to be a part of this process.