Curator, Great Cats

Craig has worked at the National Zoo for 24 years. Before becoming the curator of great cats and Andean bears, Craig was the biologist of the Cheetah Conservation Station. One of his accomplishments was managing the cheetah breeding program, which resulted in the first two litters of cheetah cubs ever to born at the National Zoo. As curator of great cats and Andean bears, his primary duty is to manage the general health and wellbeing as well as the breeding programs of more than 15 species of animals. He has overseen the births of six Andean bear cubs, two Sumatran tiger cubs and fourteen lion cubs. Craig focuses a great deal of time organizing and conducting husbandry based research on many species throughout the National Zoo collection and sits on the steering committee of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Felid Taxonomic Advisory Group. Craig attended North Carolina State University where he studied animal science.