Faculty Advisor

Jesi Hessong-Brown is a first generation WYSE-r!  She attended the inaugural conference in 2010 and quickly became apart of the WYSE family.  She has been a WYSE fall intern, summer intern, and faculty advisor.  This is her fifth year as a faculty advisor and is so honored to be asked back!  Since her first WYSE conference, Jesi has received her B.S. in Conservation and Environmental Biology with a double minor in Applied Conservation Skills and Non-Profit Studies from George Mason University where she graduate Magna Cum Laude and received the Senior Award in Biology for her undergraduate research.  Jesi spent many years work in wildlife conservation before finding her true passion- teaching.  Jesi has since completed her Masters in Education and is currently the wackiest middle school science teacher in her district. When not at work Jesi is usually out rock climbing, hiking, looking for amphibians, playing with her pet lizards or walking her two huskies Bella and Hobbes.