“Hossam enjoyed the WYSE experience. Hossam is 14 years old & this was his first experience being away from home at a college. I was impressed by how everything was so organized & taught him to quickly take responsibility & adapt to being by himself. He came back home enthusiastic about applying to college & working on his resume for the college applications.”

Sahira, WYSE 2021

“My daughter, Abigail, had an awesome time at WYSE 2021. She was contemplating studying zoology because she would like to work in a zoo. Her experience at WYSE helped her confirm that idea. She now wants to study zoology and conservation and focus on helping endangered wildlife. Highlights of the trip were visiting the zoo and aquarium. She also enjoyed the tours of Washington DC. It was really great that she got to make friendships with other teens that have the same interest as her. I am glad she made the commitment to go and I know the friendships she made will last a lifetime. Thanks to all the WYSE staff for all you did to make this opportunity available.”

Theresa, WYSE 2021