The deadline for the 2023 Scholarship Application is December 5, 2022. Notification of scholarship awards will be sent out by December 12, 2022 via email.

There are a limited number of partial, need-based scholarships available for qualified students. Scholarship applicants must submit a High School transcript, must demonstrate financial need, and all applicants will be required to submit a copy of the most recent 1040 Federal Income Tax Form from the individual who claimed them as a dependent. Scholarship amounts are $1000, $1400, $1700, and $2,000 and are applied as partial tuition waivers. No full scholarships are available for the conference.

Students wishing to apply for scholarships should upload the following information by using our online form below:

  • Unofficial copy of high school transcript
  • Most recent 1040 federal income tax form*
  • Statement on why you would like to attend WYSE, why you are deserving of this scholarship, and what specific environmental issues/topics interest you most


If you cannot upload the information for any reason, please contact 703-993-5010.

*Federal income tax return, Form 1040, filed by the individual by whom the student was claimed as a dependent.  Please obscure or remove any Social Security Numbers.


Dr. Thomas Lovejoy Conservation Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a special scholarship award for an additional $300 in memory of long-time Advisory Board member, WYSE speaker, and George Mason University Professor, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy. Dr. Lovejoy is most known for introducing the term “biological diversity” to the scientific community, and his contributions to conservation are far-ranging. He had a passion for engaging younger generations in conservation and biological efforts, and we are fortunate to be able to offer a scholarship in his name. 

Students who are interested in applying for the Tom Lovejoy Conservation Scholarship can submit an additional essay as a part of their scholarship application.