Student Delegates

Outstanding 10th and 11th grade students are nominated by educators and invited by the program to attend the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment and serve as a National Youth Delegate based on strong academic performance, a demonstrated interest in the environment, conservation and sustainability fields, and with the desire to explore careers in the fields of environmental science, conservation, policy, law and engineering.

There are a limited number of partial, need-based scholarships available for qualified National Youth Delegates. Scholarship applicants must submit a high school transcript, must demonstrate extreme financial need, and all applicants will be required to submit a copy of the most recent 1040 Federal Income Tax Form from the individual who claimed them as a dependent. Scholarship amounts are $500, $1000, and $1500, and are applied as partial tuition waivers. We are unable to offer full scholarships for the conference.

Click here to access a free fundraising guide for a list of suggested ways to raise funds for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Accepting Your Invitation

Step 1: Click here or on the “Register Now” button, and use the access code in the letter or e-mail you received.

Step 2: Provide the requested information and pay the deposit of $250 by the priority deadline of December 14, 2018 to secure your space in the Summit.

Step 3: Review our Fundraising Guide to learn about opportunities to raise money to attend the Summit.

Step 4: Students wishing to apply for scholarships should upload the following information by using our online form:

  • Unofficial copy of high school transcript
  • Most recent 1040 federal income tax form
  • Statement on why the student would like to attend WYSE, including why he/she is deserving of a scholarship

If you cannot upload the documents for any reason, please fax them to (703) 993-2631.

The deadline for the 2019 Scholarship Application has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. Notification of scholarship awards were sent out December 14, 2018 via e-mail.

Students who receive a scholarship are guaranteed a space at WYSE 2019.