Faculty Presentations 2018

Welcome to the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment (WYSE) Faculty presentations list. Our Faculty Advisors have a large range of environmental backgrounds and specialties. Take a look at their presentation topics and see which ones interest you!

Donna Downing

Having a Voice:  Opportunities for Input During Federal Environmental Policy Development

Gretchen Gorecki

Natural Resource Consulting: RT&E Species, Wetland Delineations, Invasive Species Management, and Silviculture

Marieke Kester

A Walk on the Wild Side: Researching zoo animals to improve animal welfare and reproductive success

Maction Komwa

Wildlife-Community Conflicts in Conservation Areas

Kevin Magerr

Green Infrastructure a Primer for Stormwater

Mike McDavit

Who was Aldo? – Mike’s Almost Top Ten List of Men and Women Who Made Environmental Protection Happen

Samantha Oester

The Elephant in the Room: Breaking barriers to success in environmental science career paths

Corey Payne

Training Tomorrows Scientists: Mentoring in higher education

Jim Poyser

“Little Warriors” An award-winning documentary about our work in Indiana empowering youth to get cities to pass climate recovery resolutions.

Keni Rienks

“Skip the Straw”: organizing your community to reduce single-use plastics

Brian Schwenk

Making Environmental Education Accessible for All Learners

Gary Swick

Student Activism Methodology. Effecting change by greening your school, eating your yard, analyzing your lifestyle, and making caring for the environment cool.

Caitlin Wall

Strengths-Based Environmental Leadership: Crafting a personal leadership approach based on using your own strengths to effect change

Laura Swessel

Renewable Energy