Stacey Tabellario

Animal Keeper, Asia Trail-Giant Pandas

Animal Keeper, Asia Trail-Giant Pandas

Stacey Tabellario began her career as a wildlife filmmaker working for the Discovery Channel, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the Smithsonian Institution. She had the opportunity to track and observe many animals in their natural habitats as well as meet the people whose daily lives are affected by our choices in conservation. Eventually she realized that she felt most fulfilled on the days she worked closest with the animals, so she packed up the camera and used what she had learned from years of observing animals and working with world renowned scientists to become an animal keeper. She is currently an animal keeper and the chair of the enrichment and training committee at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. In addition to enrichment & training, Stacey is particularly interested in adding choice and control back into the lives of animals in human care.

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